Thursday, August 23, 2012

My name is! What? My name is! Who?

Now I have "the real slim shady" stuck in my head! I guess that's better than "Call me maybe"! Now both are taking turns. Great. "Moves like Jagger" anyone?

Remember him? Wolfie?

Getting the nut out of his ball. Yes. I went there.
He's been with us now for more than 8 months!!! My, how time fly's when you're having fun! He makes us laugh all the time and is a true member of the family. A member that Ginger the cat would like to "play" with a bit more, but that's not gonna happen!
As he has become more and more comfortable with us, he's taught us a few things.
One, is that he has a name already. It's Snickers! He's told us, "My name is Snickers." More than once. He also will say things like, "Snickers thinks..." and then it's bird mumbles stuff that you can't understand the words of, but you can understand the emotion. It's precious.
He does an incredible impression of someone leaving a message on a answering machine - down to the beep and the ending bye bye! And he laughs at the most inappropriate times during movies.

The other night while we were watching a movie, he said, "Snickers is a girl." There was no mistaking what we ALL heard. "Snickers is a girl". Well, we haven't had him sexed (it's a DNA test) and as the ratio of female to male was heavy on the girly side in the house, so we decided he would be a boy type. So, unless he lays an egg, Snickers will be called him. I hope he doesn't mind, and if he does, I'm positive he will tell us!

Here's a video of Snickers and Jenda, enjoying their time together! Lots of kisses and lalalala's!

Last week, I made a new batch of food for him. It's really, really tasty! Like, with REAL food and flavors! This batch is a combination of an all organic mix of sprouted adzuki, mung, lentils, amaranth, quinoa, spelt (wheatberries), two other grains I can't remember. Green/red/orange peppers, garnet sweet potato's, kale, dandelion greens, zucchini, pineapple, broccoli, jalapeno, Anaheim pepper and I know there's at least two other veggies I can't recall.

See? Doesn't that look good?
Last night we had corn on the cob.

He likes his corn cooked on the grill, and his beets (red and not golden, thank you very much) roasted, not boiled.

There's no nuts in those balls, so he's ignoring them.
And this is how you eat a grape. Turns out they DO taste better when you're upside down!