Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crazy Hair Day, Pinterest Style!

Oh the fun of elementary school!

Every now and then Jenda's school has a theme day, and earlier this week it was Crazy Hair Day. Normally she waits until 10 minutes before it's time to leave to tell me about it, but this time she told me the day before. Perfect!
I had seen this rag rolling hair thing on Pinterest awhile back and we (Jenda being the guinea pig!) tried it with just a few chunks of hair. It works REALLY well. So well in fact that she looked goofy the next day because she had a couple of spots of really curly hair, and the rest was dead straight.

We sort of followed the directions here at A Beautiful Mess, however, Jenda's hair was damp from a shower, she also dampened the strip of cloth, and I rolled the rags all the way to her scalp since her hair isn't that long.
This is how she looked before going to bed:

And in the morning:

And after we freed the locks:

VERY Medusa'ish!
This is how she went to school!

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